We the People are ill informed. Not because we have to be, because we choose to be. We believe what we see and hear without asking why. Contentment is a roof over our head with amenities, food and a functioning smartphone. However, each day actions behind the scenes take away our freedom, little by little. Corruption runs rampant and agendas usurp the language of The Constitution.  We the People need to open our eyes and start questioning those we put into power. We need to call, write and demand accountability for decisions being made by policymakers we place our faith in.

Most media reports on events as though looking through a straw. A narrow lens, closed view angle which allows the consumer to see that which is provided. To be objective, one must remain unbiased and fair minded. Mitigate emotion and strive to find fact. This will not be achieved by looking at life through a straw. Opposite angles will provide a broader vantage point for the reader, broadening the line of sight and opening the field of view.

We the people must demonstrate the courage to manufacture change. Dynamic change is required to ensure a nation of paramount constitution. Monumental transformation can be imposed by quite common people. For when a single common voice becomes that of many united, aligned and gathered together, enormous historical change can result.  As a son, husband, father and observant citizen, I am compelled to provide confused or disengaged readers with a better understanding in an effort to promote change. What are you willing to do with what you learn?


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