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Did you know, Israel and the US are opposed to and withholding taxes and aid from Palestine for joining the International Crime Court? In fact an unnamed official stated to Reuters last week regarding this matter, “It should come as no surprise that there will be implications for this step, but we continue to review.” Review? Review what?  read more here … The Jerusalem Post.

For  additional information, take a look at the following link for a balanced breakdown of Palestine joining ICC. The author gives a good look at the pros and cons, as well as quiets some of “the noise” mainstream media has attempted to use to fuel this “non supported” move by the Palestinians. This bodes the question; what business is it of Israel and the United States to withhold consideration and oppose these wish of these people to become a part of the International Criminal Court?

Why does Palestine want to be a part of the ICC? Many theories presently exist. This link is the best graphic I could locate to visualize my theory – Shrinking Palestine 1948 – now. Imagine if that were the United States. Over the past 66 years, Palestine has essentially gone from nearly 15,000 sq/miles to 2,410 sq/miles. Reducing the United States to 560,000 sq/miles (slightly smaller than Alaska) from its approximate 3.5 million sq/mile is comparable to that which Palestine has endured for the past six decades. One has to wonder, how would we as Americans respond to such property reduction? Would America be another country in constant turmoil, as many are in the Middle East? Would other countries around the world be providing us with millions….. billions in annual considerations?